"Mommy, look what I made in school today!, do you like it?"

As a working mom, my time with my little one is very precious. Our time together is spent engaging in many creative activities like drawing, painting and music. Every time he makes a new masterpiece (or brings one home from school) I am confronted with the same guilt! Should I hang it, store it or wait a few days and throw it away? The gleam in his eyes when I hang it is priceless but how much can I keep hanging and hoarding?

The Art Fairy is my venture to provide us guilty parents with a way to preserve our children's artwork, to motivate them while keeping the home tidy and us guilt free! Our team puts in a lot of effort to ensure that each child's art is captured and displayed bringing out the best in their artwork.

I encourage you to order an Art Fairy box now and join our community of guiltless parents!

Founder & CEO
Shweta Homji

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